Friday, December 26, 2014

Network Society VDI

Network Society

Network societies need a few elements to keep themselves secure. Threats today come from all directions. ID theft is on the rise and daily and causing all kinds of problems with credit card safety and your personal safety. It doesn’t take much to take over someone’s ID their bank account their life.
Network security is a big thing. We have been graced by a free internet that is practically worldwide. With restriction being in a few of those countries, and because of this security needs to be a main concern in business and in your personal computing life.

Pushing Virtual Desktop  

Many companies have developed a need for outsourcing, for security measures this means vulnerabilities and costly measures to protect their client; however this could be deemed costly. To reduce cost by keeping their environments optimized the end to end solution needs to be in place while keeping the virtual end-user’s mobility up and running.
VMware is designed to create a positive solution for companies that are using this environment to conduct business with their clients. VM ware can manage security, make it more reliable and reduce management cost. To give you an example of a virtual environment: VM or cloud computing is generally used by everyone that has a Smart Phone. Your data files such as music is kept in a cloud, thus reducing the need for storage on your Smart Phone. While teleworkers, and call centers use a secure connection between a privet server and mobile end-user.


Maintaining a reliable system should utilize measures that ensure data security by centralizing user data, along with their user resources and applications. Using Zero and Thin-Clients to optimize company infrastructures (giant room full of servers) mobility at the user’s fingertips while keeping everything secure from threats of malware and viruses.
The ultimate solution in a downturn economy could just be the Cloud based environments which can simplify IT management, improve security, reduce complexity, enhances flexibility while insuring customer assurance. A streamline infrastructure can optimize a return on the investment. The IT department runs smoother on less labor cost. The maintenance on building cost is reduced therefore management can focus on the customer by providing much needed quality while staying on a competitive platform.


An end-to-end cloud client-computing solution should include an optimized virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), by using tightly integrated data center hardware, management software, end points and services that work seamlessly with Citrix, Microsoft®, and VMware and virtualization software, which in turn will optimize while reducing operating cost, keep much needed security and provide flexibility for the user, and ultimately earning a return on the investment.   

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Outsourcing and the VDI

For the past 7 months I've been working on VDI's. Do you know what that is?

 VDI is a virtual desktop infrastructure  This is the practice of hosting a desktop operating system within a virtual (VMmachine that  running on a centralized server. It uses a thin client to connect to a server this is sometimes called a server-based type of computing.

There are variant environments to which this can be used. In telemarketing or teleworker environments the server can be based at the company sit that is represented.  

 For example if a call center represents a company, the teleworker or CRM will take calls and enter data or retrieve data from the client-company. The teleworker simply logs in to the VDI-VDS etc... on a computer or thin-client and then a VOIP telephone; then takes or makes calls on behalf of the company they represent.This can also be done through a home computer or a thin-client set up in the home office space. 

Okay! Wait a minute, did I say HOME? Yes I did. More and more customer service rep's are moving home to work. Insurance companies, even favorite Cell company. OH Yeah! I am not kidding you. 

The company got so big their buildings got so big to where it would cost you more money to have them work from an office environment. The heating and cooling and just all the lights on was costing the consumer; that's you and it was piles of money each year on your bill. 

Insurance companies sent their workers home when the Obama Care was first talked about. It was and is a necessary measure to save the consumer money and so that the business can survive. Yes there is a change  in the way we do business in todays economy. 

Unfortunately this sounds like a lesson in economics now, yet no apologies folks, because I've heard rantings for the past 8 years about; every time I call to make a payment or have trouble with a bill or device I get someone in the Philippines or India. Wait until you get the Russians or Africa! The accents is what bothers most of us because we can't understand what they say over the VOIP phone. The other main issue is that we sent all our jobs overseas. 

There are some quality firms and companies that are trying to serve their clients better trying to assure the quality of how they do business. This is done by keeping there workers at work and in the US. The solutions to the high cost of maintaining real estate is done by closing doors on vast amounts of once needed office space and collectively maintaining one or two operation sites that house servers, and SIP-Trunks and PBX switching stations for computers and VOIP phones.  

By sending existing employees home to work the company can save face in the bizarre turn in the economy and healthcare insurance practices. For the cell phone providers it seems Ironic that a cell phone company still needs landlines to do business. Joking aside! Technology cost money when your new devices are developed. Example: take that new I-device or Galaxy#? it cost millions to get it into your hands, therefore to compete with the all the cell providers they sent there teleworkers overseas to stay their profit. 

After this was done someone realized the customer satisfaction started to slump and systematically they turned to local outsourcing solutions. Consequently the trained call center workers in the US has replaced some of the overseas customer service workers. An example is when you have a demanding issue you will firstly speak to a customer care agent most likely overseas personal then will be switched back to the US for a supervisor agent. This makes it easier going for you as a customer. 

When calling customer care and getting someone here in the Philippines you are speaking to someone in a office, however in the US and Canada these workers may work in outsource call centers or in there homes all across the nations. Depending on policy and what they can or cannot say to you as a customer you may never let you know if you are talking to someone working from their bedroom in an apartment or from an outsourced call-center.
 It is a new way of doing business, by keeping the cost of operations down and assuring quality for their customers.  


Thursday, November 27, 2014

Empowering Your Workload to Work for You (Part II)

I hadn’t meant to spend time on this Micromanagement thing, but as you well can see from what little I’ve pointed out there is a lot to it. The main concern is how you deal with the stress of micromanaging your team.

As I mentioned in my last post: Project managers develop their own methodology some like to stay closely informed where as others just want an approximation of facts. What I failed to do is mention the other two types of madness, I mean management methodology. The Macro Manager and the Situational Manager and if I hadn’t mentioned it we have all three in our office. There is myself the detailed guy and a middle man then the one who is in charge being the situational manager type.

These three tiers work well for us, the man in the middle can take over for each other anytime one of us needs a break. This wasn’t planned it just happened, however if we do take a stress break we take the work to a point to whereas it will not burden the next guy filling the shoes.

Time Management

I mentioned lastly in the previous blog about time management. OH! So crucial and necessary, no matter how well you can remember things no matter how well you yourself are put together there will be the OOPS-Factor! There are no real apps on you tablet or phone to help you with this. “This comes from within, young Pad won”!

I can even tell you exactly how I do it, I just know even if you have to write it down, put it on a task list or calendar do it. The most important thing is to put it down somewhere on a schedule, and remind your Team it is subject to change. I do change very easy, my techs? Not so well, remember to remind them that it changed for a reason; IT is a service industry and as important issues come up there will be things that are time sensitive such as a server or security issue that won’t be as important to fixing that end-user workstation.

The next thing is to stay calm in every situation, it’s like flowing water, just as it looks the same it’s not, it changes every micro second. It’s hard to stay calm when you are drowning right? It is also hard to swim if you panic.

Empowering Your Workload to Work For You

As managers we have to stay ahead of the game, or as close to as we possibly can. We do this so can bring a project in on time with the maximum efficiently that you and the team can effectively do. Project managers find themselves in one of three categories. Which one are you?

Project managers develop their own methodology some like to stay closely informed where as others just want an approximation of facts, (what stage is it at and are we on time). In my company we have a three tier management persona. Firstly is the one who takes care of the Deployments and see that every detail gets done. This is the MICRO MANAGER. You see there is that one person who is on top of the details and the enter-workings all the time by assigning their work, asking the techs about job details while helping resolve those pesky minor problems and all the way up to the big ones. Sometimes if it calls for reassigning tasks to others so that no one gets slighted.

These project managers assign work in small chunks - maybe just a day at a time. They could goes as far as a week or two in advance while changing things along the way by reassigning tasks so that things work smoothly and get done. The unfortunate side effect to this type of management causes that PM to spend so much time in the details that it takes away from the daily tasks resulting in longer completion times, causing ulcers and frustrations. It is fortunate that because of experience I am aware of this and have developed self-discipline. This is where TIME MANAGEMENT comes in

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Loosing Window 2003 Server

Loosing Window 2003 Server

Working in the medical setting, “Downtime of many of our computer systems can seriously affect patient care and hospital profitability,” Lives could be at risk. Imagine what it would be like when our key system would fail in any business setting, however for a health care facility there simply is no choice except to deliver exceptional customer service at all times. The ongoing questions how do we achieve this?

Typically all business that use a computer, a data platform or some-sort of filing system will run into a need to expand or renew their current storage system hence the advancements in technology. Technology advancements occur sometimes daily. Advancement push old technology platforms out the door to make way. We find the important thing is to keep Firmware, software and devices up to date. My job is to do just that. In part this is where data migration comes into action.  



Someone asked me why it’s so important to migrate and what is entailed during a migration?
1. Basically, it is moving information from an outdated platform such as a local data storage system to a more modern platform such as a cloud based data storage. It gives users greater access and opportunity to change how to approach fundamental problems verses the on-premises data-center.

2. More recent made servers cater to a cloud-based technology, thus eliminating the need for business to dedicate a closet or room to keep the electronically stored data.

3. I've noted that small business sometimes do not keep a backup plan if data is lost. So for a small business Cloud Storage makes sense. If you loose your data at one cloud holding facility your data is backed up elsewhere.      
4. How safe is your data? If you keep it on-site; what assurance do you have you wont loose it? Firewall perhaps? What about water damage, fire, physical theft, accidents in general? Cloud based Data storage takes the risk management to a new level of security.

Data can still be stored in your desktop, laptop, and other electronic devices. A cloud storage system still seems practical. Lets look at a few examples of what you probably use already that is cloud based. Music, Video, Address-books, Music and news on the radio, Smart phone and Tablet data. Come on now! We have been using the quote "Cloud" to store data for sometime now.

We recently lost a good reliable operating system do to the old nature of XP.  It became a risk within itself to keep using this old platform as cyber threats became more apparent the harder it became to maintain XP. One year from yesterday Windows Server 2003 will no longer be a viable platform as well as the world turns to new advancements designed to make our lives easier, more secure, and fun.  
Today will mark the day as one year remaining until the end of support for Windows Server 2003. 

There now is a need to put some urgency behind that question for MIGRATION. So what’s the upside to migrating? My answer is everything to loose by not doing it, and everything to gain towards saving your lost data, and down time.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

3 D Printing 

Do you know what would be neat? Having a 3 D printer, you know they are reasonably affordable, under 2,000 US D in some cases. The tech store has them or you can order one. The great thing is if you want to get the gadget geek in your life one its quite simple that is if he hasn't got one already.
Making that sought after action figure from one of your fave star movie can be done. Still there is a drawback to copying someone else’s designs and toys. What might come to mind first is piracy, so? I know you probably wouldn't sell it for profit, right? Well that is a minor concern in that case. What about the replication of a firearm that is undetectable because it’s made of plastic and a small piece of metal? Writers are always aware of the issue of plagiarism, copyrights and so on. Some bootlegger’s can make that favorite toy you can’t find then sell it cheating an upwards of billions each year for the developers and manufacture of that toy.
Other concerns are making safety equipment like your kids helmet then sending them out to play. Creating your own knockoffs is not what 3 D printing was intended for. I know I can see the fun it though, can’t you? Please use wisdom and caution if you do, always!
The 3 D printer can be used in a positive way. Developing tools for industry by creating both metal and plastic prototypes before putting them to the mold, along with much more potential then I had ever imagined up until now.
The next wave of capabilities might be concerning when it comes to 3 D printing, I must warn you. I mentioned printing with both plastic and metal, there are other materials to print with. How about mixing animal or human donor tissue and stem cells to create enhanced cells and organs? The controversy and ethical issues may have just begun however we will definitely hear more about this in the near future just as we did with cloning.
Mixing compounds on a molecular platform level has been achieved with 3 D, what this means is the manufacturing of your own medicine right in your home is in that future. Well as I can see a good thing for that concept and a whole lot of bad.
There are not only moral and ethical risks yet there are security risks, health risk and copyright risks that go along with any new gadget we come up with now days. The Government will want to control a wide range of objects that can be manufactured with these machines, therefore look for regulations and the proverbial do’s and don’ts list to follow at some near date. Printing out a plastic fork or spoon may seem harmless, but it is the bacteria that will grow on it that might just get you.
You know as well as I do there are those of us that are just too smart for our own good and with things in or worldwide economy getting so bad there will be someone that will do something with one to make money honestly or dishonestly. The 3 D printer can do a lot of things while imagination and  invention is what it was intended for, allowing our minds to dream and imagine new ways that might enhance mankind’s existence on Earth.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

From Connect 123: We are proud to  partner with Hug a Kid Network.

The Living Word inspires the Hug a Kid’s mission to strive in the communities, to continually impact lives and remain as a positive social influence. Together with charitable partnerships we recognize the needs of others encompassing the philosophy of Christian and civic minded core values.

The men and women of the Gospel Church are at the living heart of each outreach mission working and living within the communities to which they serve. Hug a Kids outreach missions believe in teaching by example (Titus 2:7) while going above and be-on normal requirements.
The Hug a Kid Network was founded in April 2013 on positive principles taught over the years of Christian growth, the need of the community and of the value of life. Two went and others followed, with the inspiration of a (TLT, Timothy Leadership Training Institute) a Timothy study.

 Two like-minded educators sought out a community filled with children early April of 2013. I flew over to The Philippines and my first day of ministry I watch as these remarkable lady’s contribute to the welfare and fellowship in this community. Thus the name of Hug a Kid Network was formed.

With a heavy heart I was moved and later that same day was inspired to continue to aid of this community filled with more children than adults. As this mission continues to serve both adults and children as they attend services each week for games, singing snacks and verse. Although the name is coined for one outreach started in this manner; however our hopes are as the ministry grows it will encompass the entire outreach programs that our Gospel Church is involved with under the Ministry leadership of Pastor Tim Tapang. 

The Berean Gospel Church serves the surrounding communities with outreaches that fan out into four directions. The Gospel outreaches start out in the San Carlos City and string up the mountain highway in one direction and across the sea to Sip-away Island a mile or more away in the other. Under the responsibility of Pastor Tapang to which I would estimate of over 400 plus persons are reached. If you were to find yourselves in the area of San Carlos Negros Philippines drop in to our humble Church. Just go to the Sea Port and take a right, you cannot miss the tall pink building we call home. KB

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Window 7 updates Thursday Morning

You know a noise woke me this morning around 4:45 am. I snuck through the house peering through blinds; I walked into my office and found a back-light computer screen. I waited after letting my little buddy out to do his thing, came back and it still was a funky shade of nothingness. I realized it must have been an update, so at 3 am until 6 am the computer hadn't restarted. Yes I shut it down and restarted it. The same thing happened, no reboot. I let the dog in and closed up the house from the sub-freezing temps outdoors and went back and turned off the machine again hopping I wasn't going to have to re-format my HDD. No big deal since I have a drive mirrored to a start-up for this machine anyway only current data and setting would be slightly different and a years’ worth of data would be lost. No big issue either some stuff is kept in the cloud or on my server.

I restarted a second time in Ubuntu mode and I can’t find anything to start with it basically told me, so I knew it was a update error. It was Thursday and at 3 am it will load up all that Microsoft has to send. I controlled alt delete as suggested by the machine and tried again still the same so this time I let Windows load. No prob! I opened it up and all was well made sure the net card was working and then checked the update and I had three failed updates. I manually started them and when the system was ready to restart I did. Keeping my fingers crossed may or may not have helped but a good 3 min later I was blogging this message to you.

Errors: was to do with SP1 on the 1) Net.frame and 2 different Win server 8 updates. All is well and restored and working well. So no worry if this happens during Win 7’s update. I’ll go back and see if my Ubuntu will start up now. I’ll let you know if I this destroyed anything.

It was kind of strange to see a restart take over 3 hours after a update, it concerns us when we see this happen, we panic at times I know I used to. I've learned many thing since the old days of Win 95 or prior. With all the advancements we think it should work right every time we sit down in front of them. If only! That’s why people like me have phone numbers and that’s why you call. Oh that noise this early morning? It was a new strange cat in the area. Cute and skinny and I bet hungry and cold looking to find a warm bed and a meal. I called for the poor thing. It never even glanced back to say hey!      

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

“Praying without ceasing” means at least four things.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
21st Century King James Version (KJ21)
16 Rejoice evermore.
17 Pray without ceasing.
18 In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.
Paul is writing this into the lesson. He is deeply concerned about the people in Thessalonica, 1 Thessalonians 5:17 as he (Paul) challenges this in a command. 

There is a spirit of dependence that should permeate all we do.

This is the very core of praying. This is a deep and abiding dependency that we place on God, we find it coming from a deep down place we call our heart. When he says pray continuously he means in this sense to never stop.

Two: Praying in this manner also means to repeat praying throughout the day, often.

 In Romans 1:9 “For God is my witness, who so ever I serve with my heart or spirit in the Gospel of His Son that without ceasing I mention You”! This reminds us so never to forget who we are praying to and why. 

Thirdly: That we never give up on a prayer life.

No matter what bad luck, whatever low point you get to in life; never give up or abandon the hope we have in God. Do not lose heart. Keep praying and never cease. Communicate your needs in Luke 11:2-4 we read how we need to pray by the example he leaves us in this chapter.

Fourthly: Prayer helps maintain our daily walk in goodness, or walk in a Christian life.

A prayer life allows us to stay in communication with God, he helps maintain our day. It’s like checking the gas gauge or oil in a car before we take out on a journey so the unexpected doesn't happen.

Remember this doesn’t mean all day go without your daily activities, still does it mean that in our busy life style we should only pray when an ideal time arises? No! Least not forget to include the daily time we need to set aside for prayer. Early in the morning before your first cup, during your meal times, on the commute to work or even with our family before we turn in at night. Traditionally we do this in many families, still how we get away from these good habits. God is listening, He is all powerful, and He is and remains all knowing.
Window XP  Part II

If you have read or listen to my ranting’s I am a diehard fan of what works. I recently worked these past three months on a contract that still uses Win XP Pro. The new machines they were using had window 7 licenses on them however the software was non-compatible with Win 7.  

Win 7 has newer and easier to use features and most people like it, I do for one. Switching from my home office and work really takes a bit to get used to. I find myself saying I miss my home office computers OS over XP. Laugh because someone knows what I am talking about. It isn’t as bad as working on Mac and then on windows, now that’s a little harder. Most mac users do not want to change once they get use to the quality of an IOS.

There are still questions? Yes I know so why don’t software makers off an upgrade plug in, or something on that line. They do, still a lot of call centers have web-front dynamic software designed for them explicitly. Such as Call Center data handling, call centers rarely keep their client information on-site. The web-front is there to have CSR’s input and look up data on a customer and then it will transfer that info to and fro via internet to company-based servers. Therfore the redevelopment of this client server software becomes too expensive to change overnight. Microsoft knew this and gave extended time for the transition.    

 Good luck with the upgraded system. Oh here is another thing to think about! Windows 9 is around the corner. Maybe a little wait is in order. Hang on to Windows XP for a while longer 9 might just surprise us all. Cloud-based information storage is becoming more important in our changing ways of thought and how we do business.  
 The end of Windows XP

Keeping up with all my duties are pains taking at times. I’ve neglected my blogs quite severely. Matter of fact that was never my intention, let me begin on talking about the up and coming of an era. April is the deadline for XP, it will sad to see such a good friend go. Stable easy to use and a work horse in the office.
You know there will be die-hard fans grasping at its shirt tail and hanging on until the bitter end long after April has come and gone. Now some have been asking why hang on to old methods we surly don’t want to return to Win 98 so why XP? If you are one of those offices that are holding on to XP, you probably have asked this for over a year now.

Here are a couple of explanations to why XP is so important. Money is the bottom line for everyone, even for those with unseemly loads of wealth. Have you seen the cost of software? Not just what you buy at the geek store. Discounts are pretty good, still if you ever worked in acquisitions in a company you know that software in the middle market business is so high it is cost preventive to switch to a new Operating system and buy all new software that works on Win 8 or 7. Reason two for sticking with Windows XP, at 39 % is that a lot of “Crucial software depends on Windows XP." Thirdly is that it has been a good dependable system so why fix what isn't broke. The compatibility mode, really it is not such a good idea. With 500 or even 1000 plus computers, good old Charlie in IT will be on your computer more than its user. No company wants to keep a large IT staff; they bring us in for project and then the IT team will leave when the project is done
Migration project are costly and disruptive to the business in whole. I’m dissuading the concept that is my bread and butter after all. However it is a reality that IT contractors work from project to project and scrimp in the off months. This business with ending XP may stimulate my business however companies have been given fair warning to get there ducks in a row. Let’s hope most companies will not be so blindsided by this move in the industry norm.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Prayer | What can we do when God is silent or says no! | From the (Selfish Man Series)

Prayer What can we do when God is silent or says no!From the (Selfish Man Series) 

Something that dwells on our heart, we pray. Praying is a part of our nature as man. Wishing or making a wish is a prayer like form, however in the Christian walk we are encouraged each morning to pray, at meal times and before we sleep. That is the natural possession of our days since childhood. Prayer has become scheduled in our Churches. It is not a bad thing. Schedules are reminders of when to do things, and organization is a tool used in planning successful events, to include services.

So let’s get to prayer in our personal life. The unscheduled prayers in our life when no one is around, and no one is listening, just you and the Father! Be honest we all have desires, dreams and wants as well as needs, right? Sometimes we entertain these in expressed individual and honest prayers to God. We are selfish? Personally I always struggled a little bit with that concept, and I find myself asking others to pray for my needs, because I feel guilty in praying for myself, feeling I am being selfish.

The other mater is. Then too it is a hard thing to face when I realize latter my selfish needed prayer was answered with a NO! I never resented the Father for the no answer. I questioned it, yes. Still I learned latter the reason should have been clear to me all along. If you are like most, you might find it hard to be rejected when one of your desires you hoped for is answered with a no. We may even feel rejected, resentment may occur because by human standards we want acceptance.

As a growing believer, a Christian we seek Gods heart, His acceptance. We find ways in our daily walk to do things for good ignoring ourselves of things we personally want. The example in the Old testament of King David’s desire to build the temple to the Lord in First Chronicles 28:2. His dream went unfulfilled; however that dream was passed on to Solomon. Although the answer was NO! God remained his diligence and allowed the King’s focus to remain on Israel and pass it on to another.

The lesson here is in the next few lines, oh when you get a chance read the first book of Chronicles chapter 29:10 through 19. "Blessed are You, O LORD God of Israel our father, forever and ever. Yours, O LORD, is the greatness and the power and the glory and the victory and the majesty, indeed everything that is in the heavens and the earth; yours is the dominion, O LORD, and you exalt yourself as head over all. Both riches and honor come from you, and you rule over all, and in your hand is power and might; and it lies in Your hand to make great and to strengthen everyone."29:10-12 (Bible)

In this passage we can see that the David was not revengeful or loathed pitifully or showed he was angry, still yet it was the opposite he exalted the Father. Expressing that God supplied all their needs. He concentrated in his prayer for the people in his prayers to” strengthen everyone”. He prays for the temple and his son before he dies. (Swindoll., 2011)

Gods answer was no to David however we see from our Bible history lessons it was for a reason. It was answered in a way that we saw after his death it could only be fulfilled. This is when the no answer for one is a wait for others. Perhaps it’s not time to even get a direct answer because it is not for your moment and time. That time and purpose might be for others or perhaps your plans do not fit in what He has planned for you. (Brewer, 2013,2014)
In closing let’s take a lesson from David and give thanks and praise that God loved us so that he interceded and protected us from ourselves. God’s pre-planned purposes do not die with us.
(Swindoll., 2011) 

This lesson was inspired from the following:

Bible NKJV
Brewer, K. A. (2013,2014, Nov, Dec, Jan). The Word Reviled. Selfish man. Saint Joseph, Missouri, USA: Connect 123|Hug a Kid Network.
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Monday, February 3, 2014

LOL Windows 8

I don’t have too many stories to tell anyone about Windows 8, I just know it didn't work for me. I wrote an article a year or so ago on my experiment and still have that Bata version of Win 8 in my catalog of ISO’s. The idea was to compete with the based versions of Ubuntu, Linux and I operating strategies. There were or are attempts to tweak the machine so it preforms more like the more successful Windows 7. Ubuntu in a recent past put the plan of a totally Ubuntu operating system on a phone. The Analysis includes people participating in a false buying mart research. Consumers were asked to make factious purchases of the phone and when they got to a certain number that would reconsider whether to market the phone.  They didn't! I would have looked forward to one just out of kicks and giggles; thus sayeth the techno junkie in me. I am also practical and if pricing would be too high for get it!

What works best?

What works best is go old reliability. We found over the years of techno boost and advancements that the operating systems we all liked were being put out to pasture. Well right now we haven’t worked with Windows 9 yet so let us keep that for ourselves for now. The ones we did and didn't like are still around somewhere someplace. I saw a Dino-Windows 98 still working and doing e mail. I remember it was a success. The remember Windows Millennium Edition (Me) what a miserable failure. Now the wonderful Windows XP still a success. Now don’t forget the good old` Vista, Windows Vista was a failure. Then the next generation and still among the favorites weighing in as a light weight doing the heavy lifting Windows 7 still packing  a success, however the contender to everyone’s hoping success is the now used Windows 8; Windows 8 was a failure. Looking at a pattern it seems like every other version has a success story. I guess it’s up for Windows 9 to outshine them all.

Window 9

Really so soon, what is wrong with 7? It isn't so old it is outdated already, is it? Not by a long shot, yet you do know and mark my words. Windows 7 will hang around for a long time like XP has that is if MS will let it. We face the edge of an era the brink of closure for good old Win XP. The security measure keeping it on the desk will surpass the cost effectiveness of maintaining it. With that said, now would be the time third party developers to negotiate with MS to keep it going, for the Call centers  and other business that wish to keep it going, however it’s not for prosperity by any means. X P was a design that helped in the workforce mainstream for years. It was and remains a stable Operating environment for workstations worldwide.

Windows 8

It was never intended for the workforce as I ever seen. If the monitor wasn't

a touch screen you may as well use Win 7. There were guides as I mentioned to adapt Win 8 to perform more like Win 7 I never even bothered. Yes and Office 365 dear attempt to bring us into the ultimate enterprise workstation. Cloud based office handling isn't for everyone. The cost effectiveness is still high. Buying server time? While bring us to Azure. Use the web to connect with your own device. I love Evernote™ for just that thing. I know that not every free app out there is going to help you do all your work and eventually if you use an app long enough you will run out of space and will end up buying cloud time anyway.

Upon Cloud 9 

It looks like that is the way we are heading. Cloud software is enabling on almost every app we see being developed. From calling a Taxi from your phone to keeping movie and music off your memory in your phone, you simply press a Icon on the touch screen and the domain is called up and presto like magic a movie is streamed to whatever device you are using. Now that is only one example of how the Cloud world works. FTP’s File transfer protocols are easier now days we can access our needed information in a moment’s time. Press an app then type in a search and that info is transported to your phone like Captain Kirk to a green planet.  
It’s only logical we become more advance with our technology. We diligently search for new ways to out run the competition for bigger and better things that consumers want. Ease of use is the way to go, people want speed, and the faster they get there the more time to do something else, maybe?  I realize I sound cynical and I have been over Windows 8 from the beginning, yet not for the pattern in which way the Windows versions and created in every other OS being a good one, however It was a quick attempt to keep up with Android and IO’s while trying to stay in the game.

Looking past 8

Moving on down the line, we look at the new and uprising hopeful Windows 9. If they focus on an enterprise edition such as pro and keep off the grass so to speak, platform of trying to perform like its look like Android they will be okay. Here is suggestion! Develop a window version of Android like as in 8, make it user friendly without the freeze up and crashes and it could be a device OS only where as it would access Window systems as it already does on an exchange level. And for the Laptop a toggle could be made for either mode work or play.

Android has a development you might like. The little Tablets like we love to carry and use. How about an all Android OS for your machine as well as your phone and Tablet? Food for thought!