Thursday, February 20, 2014

From Connect 123: We are proud to  partner with Hug a Kid Network.

The Living Word inspires the Hug a Kid’s mission to strive in the communities, to continually impact lives and remain as a positive social influence. Together with charitable partnerships we recognize the needs of others encompassing the philosophy of Christian and civic minded core values.

The men and women of the Gospel Church are at the living heart of each outreach mission working and living within the communities to which they serve. Hug a Kids outreach missions believe in teaching by example (Titus 2:7) while going above and be-on normal requirements.
The Hug a Kid Network was founded in April 2013 on positive principles taught over the years of Christian growth, the need of the community and of the value of life. Two went and others followed, with the inspiration of a (TLT, Timothy Leadership Training Institute) a Timothy study.

 Two like-minded educators sought out a community filled with children early April of 2013. I flew over to The Philippines and my first day of ministry I watch as these remarkable lady’s contribute to the welfare and fellowship in this community. Thus the name of Hug a Kid Network was formed.

With a heavy heart I was moved and later that same day was inspired to continue to aid of this community filled with more children than adults. As this mission continues to serve both adults and children as they attend services each week for games, singing snacks and verse. Although the name is coined for one outreach started in this manner; however our hopes are as the ministry grows it will encompass the entire outreach programs that our Gospel Church is involved with under the Ministry leadership of Pastor Tim Tapang. 

The Berean Gospel Church serves the surrounding communities with outreaches that fan out into four directions. The Gospel outreaches start out in the San Carlos City and string up the mountain highway in one direction and across the sea to Sip-away Island a mile or more away in the other. Under the responsibility of Pastor Tapang to which I would estimate of over 400 plus persons are reached. If you were to find yourselves in the area of San Carlos Negros Philippines drop in to our humble Church. Just go to the Sea Port and take a right, you cannot miss the tall pink building we call home. KB

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