Monday, February 3, 2014

LOL Windows 8

I don’t have too many stories to tell anyone about Windows 8, I just know it didn't work for me. I wrote an article a year or so ago on my experiment and still have that Bata version of Win 8 in my catalog of ISO’s. The idea was to compete with the based versions of Ubuntu, Linux and I operating strategies. There were or are attempts to tweak the machine so it preforms more like the more successful Windows 7. Ubuntu in a recent past put the plan of a totally Ubuntu operating system on a phone. The Analysis includes people participating in a false buying mart research. Consumers were asked to make factious purchases of the phone and when they got to a certain number that would reconsider whether to market the phone.  They didn't! I would have looked forward to one just out of kicks and giggles; thus sayeth the techno junkie in me. I am also practical and if pricing would be too high for get it!

What works best?

What works best is go old reliability. We found over the years of techno boost and advancements that the operating systems we all liked were being put out to pasture. Well right now we haven’t worked with Windows 9 yet so let us keep that for ourselves for now. The ones we did and didn't like are still around somewhere someplace. I saw a Dino-Windows 98 still working and doing e mail. I remember it was a success. The remember Windows Millennium Edition (Me) what a miserable failure. Now the wonderful Windows XP still a success. Now don’t forget the good old` Vista, Windows Vista was a failure. Then the next generation and still among the favorites weighing in as a light weight doing the heavy lifting Windows 7 still packing  a success, however the contender to everyone’s hoping success is the now used Windows 8; Windows 8 was a failure. Looking at a pattern it seems like every other version has a success story. I guess it’s up for Windows 9 to outshine them all.

Window 9

Really so soon, what is wrong with 7? It isn't so old it is outdated already, is it? Not by a long shot, yet you do know and mark my words. Windows 7 will hang around for a long time like XP has that is if MS will let it. We face the edge of an era the brink of closure for good old Win XP. The security measure keeping it on the desk will surpass the cost effectiveness of maintaining it. With that said, now would be the time third party developers to negotiate with MS to keep it going, for the Call centers  and other business that wish to keep it going, however it’s not for prosperity by any means. X P was a design that helped in the workforce mainstream for years. It was and remains a stable Operating environment for workstations worldwide.

Windows 8

It was never intended for the workforce as I ever seen. If the monitor wasn't

a touch screen you may as well use Win 7. There were guides as I mentioned to adapt Win 8 to perform more like Win 7 I never even bothered. Yes and Office 365 dear attempt to bring us into the ultimate enterprise workstation. Cloud based office handling isn't for everyone. The cost effectiveness is still high. Buying server time? While bring us to Azure. Use the web to connect with your own device. I love Evernote™ for just that thing. I know that not every free app out there is going to help you do all your work and eventually if you use an app long enough you will run out of space and will end up buying cloud time anyway.

Upon Cloud 9 

It looks like that is the way we are heading. Cloud software is enabling on almost every app we see being developed. From calling a Taxi from your phone to keeping movie and music off your memory in your phone, you simply press a Icon on the touch screen and the domain is called up and presto like magic a movie is streamed to whatever device you are using. Now that is only one example of how the Cloud world works. FTP’s File transfer protocols are easier now days we can access our needed information in a moment’s time. Press an app then type in a search and that info is transported to your phone like Captain Kirk to a green planet.  
It’s only logical we become more advance with our technology. We diligently search for new ways to out run the competition for bigger and better things that consumers want. Ease of use is the way to go, people want speed, and the faster they get there the more time to do something else, maybe?  I realize I sound cynical and I have been over Windows 8 from the beginning, yet not for the pattern in which way the Windows versions and created in every other OS being a good one, however It was a quick attempt to keep up with Android and IO’s while trying to stay in the game.

Looking past 8

Moving on down the line, we look at the new and uprising hopeful Windows 9. If they focus on an enterprise edition such as pro and keep off the grass so to speak, platform of trying to perform like its look like Android they will be okay. Here is suggestion! Develop a window version of Android like as in 8, make it user friendly without the freeze up and crashes and it could be a device OS only where as it would access Window systems as it already does on an exchange level. And for the Laptop a toggle could be made for either mode work or play.

Android has a development you might like. The little Tablets like we love to carry and use. How about an all Android OS for your machine as well as your phone and Tablet? Food for thought!

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