Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Window XP  Part II

If you have read or listen to my ranting’s I am a diehard fan of what works. I recently worked these past three months on a contract that still uses Win XP Pro. The new machines they were using had window 7 licenses on them however the software was non-compatible with Win 7.  

Win 7 has newer and easier to use features and most people like it, I do for one. Switching from my home office and work really takes a bit to get used to. I find myself saying I miss my home office computers OS over XP. Laugh because someone knows what I am talking about. It isn’t as bad as working on Mac and then on windows, now that’s a little harder. Most mac users do not want to change once they get use to the quality of an IOS.

There are still questions? Yes I know so why don’t software makers off an upgrade plug in, or something on that line. They do, still a lot of call centers have web-front dynamic software designed for them explicitly. Such as Call Center data handling, call centers rarely keep their client information on-site. The web-front is there to have CSR’s input and look up data on a customer and then it will transfer that info to and fro via internet to company-based servers. Therfore the redevelopment of this client server software becomes too expensive to change overnight. Microsoft knew this and gave extended time for the transition.    

 Good luck with the upgraded system. Oh here is another thing to think about! Windows 9 is around the corner. Maybe a little wait is in order. Hang on to Windows XP for a while longer 9 might just surprise us all. Cloud-based information storage is becoming more important in our changing ways of thought and how we do business.  

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