Friday, December 26, 2014

Network Society VDI

Network Society

Network societies need a few elements to keep themselves secure. Threats today come from all directions. ID theft is on the rise and daily and causing all kinds of problems with credit card safety and your personal safety. It doesn’t take much to take over someone’s ID their bank account their life.
Network security is a big thing. We have been graced by a free internet that is practically worldwide. With restriction being in a few of those countries, and because of this security needs to be a main concern in business and in your personal computing life.

Pushing Virtual Desktop  

Many companies have developed a need for outsourcing, for security measures this means vulnerabilities and costly measures to protect their client; however this could be deemed costly. To reduce cost by keeping their environments optimized the end to end solution needs to be in place while keeping the virtual end-user’s mobility up and running.
VMware is designed to create a positive solution for companies that are using this environment to conduct business with their clients. VM ware can manage security, make it more reliable and reduce management cost. To give you an example of a virtual environment: VM or cloud computing is generally used by everyone that has a Smart Phone. Your data files such as music is kept in a cloud, thus reducing the need for storage on your Smart Phone. While teleworkers, and call centers use a secure connection between a privet server and mobile end-user.


Maintaining a reliable system should utilize measures that ensure data security by centralizing user data, along with their user resources and applications. Using Zero and Thin-Clients to optimize company infrastructures (giant room full of servers) mobility at the user’s fingertips while keeping everything secure from threats of malware and viruses.
The ultimate solution in a downturn economy could just be the Cloud based environments which can simplify IT management, improve security, reduce complexity, enhances flexibility while insuring customer assurance. A streamline infrastructure can optimize a return on the investment. The IT department runs smoother on less labor cost. The maintenance on building cost is reduced therefore management can focus on the customer by providing much needed quality while staying on a competitive platform.


An end-to-end cloud client-computing solution should include an optimized virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), by using tightly integrated data center hardware, management software, end points and services that work seamlessly with Citrix, Microsoft®, and VMware and virtualization software, which in turn will optimize while reducing operating cost, keep much needed security and provide flexibility for the user, and ultimately earning a return on the investment.   

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