Thursday, July 24, 2014

Loosing Window 2003 Server

Loosing Window 2003 Server

Working in the medical setting, “Downtime of many of our computer systems can seriously affect patient care and hospital profitability,” Lives could be at risk. Imagine what it would be like when our key system would fail in any business setting, however for a health care facility there simply is no choice except to deliver exceptional customer service at all times. The ongoing questions how do we achieve this?

Typically all business that use a computer, a data platform or some-sort of filing system will run into a need to expand or renew their current storage system hence the advancements in technology. Technology advancements occur sometimes daily. Advancement push old technology platforms out the door to make way. We find the important thing is to keep Firmware, software and devices up to date. My job is to do just that. In part this is where data migration comes into action.  



Someone asked me why it’s so important to migrate and what is entailed during a migration?
1. Basically, it is moving information from an outdated platform such as a local data storage system to a more modern platform such as a cloud based data storage. It gives users greater access and opportunity to change how to approach fundamental problems verses the on-premises data-center.

2. More recent made servers cater to a cloud-based technology, thus eliminating the need for business to dedicate a closet or room to keep the electronically stored data.

3. I've noted that small business sometimes do not keep a backup plan if data is lost. So for a small business Cloud Storage makes sense. If you loose your data at one cloud holding facility your data is backed up elsewhere.      
4. How safe is your data? If you keep it on-site; what assurance do you have you wont loose it? Firewall perhaps? What about water damage, fire, physical theft, accidents in general? Cloud based Data storage takes the risk management to a new level of security.

Data can still be stored in your desktop, laptop, and other electronic devices. A cloud storage system still seems practical. Lets look at a few examples of what you probably use already that is cloud based. Music, Video, Address-books, Music and news on the radio, Smart phone and Tablet data. Come on now! We have been using the quote "Cloud" to store data for sometime now.

We recently lost a good reliable operating system do to the old nature of XP.  It became a risk within itself to keep using this old platform as cyber threats became more apparent the harder it became to maintain XP. One year from yesterday Windows Server 2003 will no longer be a viable platform as well as the world turns to new advancements designed to make our lives easier, more secure, and fun.  
Today will mark the day as one year remaining until the end of support for Windows Server 2003. 

There now is a need to put some urgency behind that question for MIGRATION. So what’s the upside to migrating? My answer is everything to loose by not doing it, and everything to gain towards saving your lost data, and down time.