Wednesday, March 5, 2014

3 D Printing 

Do you know what would be neat? Having a 3 D printer, you know they are reasonably affordable, under 2,000 US D in some cases. The tech store has them or you can order one. The great thing is if you want to get the gadget geek in your life one its quite simple that is if he hasn't got one already.
Making that sought after action figure from one of your fave star movie can be done. Still there is a drawback to copying someone else’s designs and toys. What might come to mind first is piracy, so? I know you probably wouldn't sell it for profit, right? Well that is a minor concern in that case. What about the replication of a firearm that is undetectable because it’s made of plastic and a small piece of metal? Writers are always aware of the issue of plagiarism, copyrights and so on. Some bootlegger’s can make that favorite toy you can’t find then sell it cheating an upwards of billions each year for the developers and manufacture of that toy.
Other concerns are making safety equipment like your kids helmet then sending them out to play. Creating your own knockoffs is not what 3 D printing was intended for. I know I can see the fun it though, can’t you? Please use wisdom and caution if you do, always!
The 3 D printer can be used in a positive way. Developing tools for industry by creating both metal and plastic prototypes before putting them to the mold, along with much more potential then I had ever imagined up until now.
The next wave of capabilities might be concerning when it comes to 3 D printing, I must warn you. I mentioned printing with both plastic and metal, there are other materials to print with. How about mixing animal or human donor tissue and stem cells to create enhanced cells and organs? The controversy and ethical issues may have just begun however we will definitely hear more about this in the near future just as we did with cloning.
Mixing compounds on a molecular platform level has been achieved with 3 D, what this means is the manufacturing of your own medicine right in your home is in that future. Well as I can see a good thing for that concept and a whole lot of bad.
There are not only moral and ethical risks yet there are security risks, health risk and copyright risks that go along with any new gadget we come up with now days. The Government will want to control a wide range of objects that can be manufactured with these machines, therefore look for regulations and the proverbial do’s and don’ts list to follow at some near date. Printing out a plastic fork or spoon may seem harmless, but it is the bacteria that will grow on it that might just get you.
You know as well as I do there are those of us that are just too smart for our own good and with things in or worldwide economy getting so bad there will be someone that will do something with one to make money honestly or dishonestly. The 3 D printer can do a lot of things while imagination and  invention is what it was intended for, allowing our minds to dream and imagine new ways that might enhance mankind’s existence on Earth.