Thursday, February 13, 2014

Window 7 updates Thursday Morning

You know a noise woke me this morning around 4:45 am. I snuck through the house peering through blinds; I walked into my office and found a back-light computer screen. I waited after letting my little buddy out to do his thing, came back and it still was a funky shade of nothingness. I realized it must have been an update, so at 3 am until 6 am the computer hadn't restarted. Yes I shut it down and restarted it. The same thing happened, no reboot. I let the dog in and closed up the house from the sub-freezing temps outdoors and went back and turned off the machine again hopping I wasn't going to have to re-format my HDD. No big deal since I have a drive mirrored to a start-up for this machine anyway only current data and setting would be slightly different and a years’ worth of data would be lost. No big issue either some stuff is kept in the cloud or on my server.

I restarted a second time in Ubuntu mode and I can’t find anything to start with it basically told me, so I knew it was a update error. It was Thursday and at 3 am it will load up all that Microsoft has to send. I controlled alt delete as suggested by the machine and tried again still the same so this time I let Windows load. No prob! I opened it up and all was well made sure the net card was working and then checked the update and I had three failed updates. I manually started them and when the system was ready to restart I did. Keeping my fingers crossed may or may not have helped but a good 3 min later I was blogging this message to you.

Errors: was to do with SP1 on the 1) Net.frame and 2 different Win server 8 updates. All is well and restored and working well. So no worry if this happens during Win 7’s update. I’ll go back and see if my Ubuntu will start up now. I’ll let you know if I this destroyed anything.

It was kind of strange to see a restart take over 3 hours after a update, it concerns us when we see this happen, we panic at times I know I used to. I've learned many thing since the old days of Win 95 or prior. With all the advancements we think it should work right every time we sit down in front of them. If only! That’s why people like me have phone numbers and that’s why you call. Oh that noise this early morning? It was a new strange cat in the area. Cute and skinny and I bet hungry and cold looking to find a warm bed and a meal. I called for the poor thing. It never even glanced back to say hey!      

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