Sunday, January 31, 2016

" A Glimmer of Hope While Waiting"!

It is a slow process, but God never stops working. Remembering there is always a reason why events in your life tend to go the way they do. Remember last week in Moments we talked about the process that Jesus used to teach, there is always a reason behind His process. The waiting, may be part of the shaping process you need to go through. Philippians 1:6 "And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ". As a sculptor chips away at the hard exterior of your rough side the new work will eventually be revealed. 

How is the Old testament important to us today?

Over the past three years I have encouraged my readers the importance of fostering a relationship with the Father through the teachings of Jesus Christ. The Bible as a whole still has something to say. Take a journey back in time while reading the books of Psalms and Proverbs and the mindset of their writers. Here you will encompass the heart felt love between man and God. You will become part of the ongoing work that is displayed as the writers bond with the Father. You will also find life worthy lessons in Christian conduct and in Psalms finding God's heart through His compassion and grace. 

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Monday, August 17, 2015

Tech talk Win 10 DID YOU GET WINDOWS 10 up and running?

DID YOU GET WINDOWS 10 up and running?
I recommend it a little more now that I have had in in use for a week now. I installed it on all my shop computers my work computer and Win tablet. I still have a laptop and the Police Station's to convert along with City Hall's.
Why Windows 10? Much like set on the same Premises as windows 8.1; 10 is a collaboration tool that allows the user to sync the work done on one device and pick it up somewhere else on another device or desktop, including your phone. Android I phone or windows. Through a dropbox or onedrive even on Linux/Ubuntu. Where it will help in industry such as medicine and law enforcement is that each agent can collaborate on a report at the same time, editing and adding or taking away information on that report. The agent or trauma tech can make the report and within seconds the Hospital or station has it. SharePoint has changed for 2013 making it easier for team work on a report or any project.
The industry has a few new tools win Office 2013+ and Win 10 came out. The I and android OS's may have may have sparked a new generation of computing. Windows had no choice but to comply to these changes in how social collaboration was reinvented with the smart phone. Feeling slighted Windows had to perform a miracle to stay in the running that's when we got two 3 versions of 8 (RT, 8 and 8.1) it was designed to compete with Smart phone Tech.
The new startup menu can be changed with a shell program and it works very well to where you can switch from traditional 7 look to the 10 look and tablet mode turns into the win 8.1 hybrid menu with live tiles over the desktop view. Nice move Windows!
Having issues and trouble? Drop a line I will help!
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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

How to Set up A Guest Wi-Fi Network

How to Set up A Guest Wi-Fi Network

Throwing a party or having a bunch of friends over for dinner can be a ton of fun but it can also be extremely stressful. From picking food options that will please both the carnivore and the health-conscious vegetarian, to making sure you don’t sit anyone next to someone they “just can’t stand”, to worrying that Janine is going to bring that weirdo again (seriously, who was that guy??). The last thing you need is all of your guests stealing bandwidth from your devices, not to mention bothering you all night for your Wi-Fi password because “I know you already told me but I forgot and now I really need to show that guy Janine brought this awesome song on YouTube”. So check this inevitable migraine off the To-Do list by creating a Guest Network before your guests arrive; it’s easy to do plus it allows your guests to connect to a dedicated Wi-Fi network without affecting the devices connected to your private home network. Here’s how to do it:
While connected to your wireless network, open up your router’s settings by typing in the address bar of any web browser. Log in with your admin username and password (you should have created these when you initially set up your router. If you have forgotten this information, you will need to reset your device and log in with default account info).
  1. Click on the ‘ADVANCED’ tab
  2. On the bottom of the left-hand menu, click ‘GUEST ZONE’
  3. Check the box to ‘Enable Guest Zone’. If you want to create a schedule for your Guest Network, click New Schedule and fill out the form that opens. Otherwise your
    Guest Network will be active until you uncheck ‘Enable Guest Zone’.
  4. Name your Guest Network and select what type of security you would like. If you want your guests to connect but not your neighbors, we recommend selecting WPA-Personal, choosing Auto for WPA Mode, TKIP and AES for Cipher Type and setting a ‘Pre-Shared Key’ (aka password) that is easy for your guests to remember. Otherwise select NONE under Security Mode and let everyone within wireless range go wild.
  5. Click ‘Save Settings’ above and once complete your Wi-Fi Guest Network should appear in your device’s list of available networks. Easy!
So while we can’t help you figure out table placements, what to do for the menu (although here’s a tasty morsel I just had) or how to get Janine’s boyfriend to forget where you live, we hope this helps alleviate the stress a bit so you can enjoy the party with everyone else. You deserve it!
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Monday, March 16, 2015

(Sermon notes) A Meaningful Prayer Life
Wednesday, November 26, 2014
9:57 PM
Greetings, I (John) have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.

Whether you are a believer or not, a prayer life changes things in a persons life. It is a personal evolution that over time  develops expectations along with an objective attitude in the daily walk. It develops a positive outlook. A personal craving  to embrace hope. In believers it develops intimacy with our God.
Objective Truths

 It is a strange and most personal world we face. By design we individualize how each of us see it. Some of this stems from beliefs passed down through parenting  and collaboration among peers and educators. We cling to the beliefs that the influences that are pass down to us as children are correct .

The truth
Our development continues each day we live.  We are humans we are ever changing we are ever evolving. We continue to be molded by such things as the environment and outside influences. Some of these influences spiral us into deep depression, with no hope to recover. Many find themselves at rock-bottom with no where to turn except upwards.

The for mentioned influences do not have to control us, we do not have to bend to every direction the wind blows. Man and mankind historically evolves. Evolve meaning ever changing (not dinosaur Evolution). So many advancements throughout history however we remain emotional beings, this is the one thing that has been a constant in human behavior. In other words we are people that rely on our emotions to guide us , and the scary part is that same emotional people that hold technological advancements that can set the world a fire with the slightest provocation.

The Response
How do we stop mankind from self destruction from being full of  hatred or even ill-civilized?
Effective wisdom tells us to develop good relationships, good mental health and respond to indifferences wisely. Contrary to feeding human emotions with hatred. As believers we find easy solutions to prevent self destruction.
Developing a relationship with God through prayer is a good choice its recommended by 10 out of 10 pastors. From the psychological view a believer or nonbeliever can benefit from meditation and prayer. It extends the subjects ability to cope. Prayer acts as a relief mechanism, by giving hope in the most undesirable circumstances. Form this point of view it is a positive in the next stage of human development.

Is having a positive and meaningful prayer life  good for the soul?      

Still something holds us back from developing that relationship with God through prayer.
  What holds us back?
  1. Theological doubts. Objections to whom we pray
  1. How do we pray? Doubts
  2. Distractions
  1. Passed down beliefs
  1. Depression/ memories

What brings us to prayer?
  1. Rock-bottom, desperation
  2. A need, want or desire
  1. Passed down beliefs
  1. Depression /doubts
  2. Painful times in our lives

There is not much different from either lists, however it is the perspective how each of us look at that list.  Now look at the lists again both lists are reasons why we should pray. If you didn't pick it out; human nature more times than not brings us to our knees over troubled times more often than any other time in our lives.  

You don’t have to hit rock-bottom or have a tragedy in your life  to start praying. It's not all about how God can do something for you only in times of need. God is there never taking a vacation, he never puts you on hold.

I want you to understand, the way prayer works . Praying to God is not only singing and worshiping which is directional. Gentiles are accused of being full of empty words. Meaning we shout praises without meaningful hearts however prayer does not have to be aimed in one direction. Prayer is not one -directional but bio-directional.
The truthful definition of prayer should not be limited to:
  1. Just praising God.
  1. Asking God for things.
Our prayer life should build a relationship with the Father through :
  1. Reflection (sometimes we come to God with a sin or burden)
  2. Introspection (self examination)
  1. Contemplation (how are you going to deal with a prayer subject/ maybe there is a way make a wrong a right. Buying a big item like a business or house)
  1. Meditation (reflecting back and sometimes just listening to the silence)
   5:    Remember when you are Developing a rewarding prayer life
  1. A prayer life has different elements such as levels of intimacy with God.
  1. Letting the Word speak to you while conversing with God through fellowship of the Spirit.
  1. Prayer is abiding in Christ meaning connecting with Him.
  1. It is an encounter that leads us intimately to God's heart

Prayer in Hebrew is "to know oneself"; the word is Tefillah.  Remember we don't pray to change God's mind, God knows our every need. Prayer is designed to communicate a relationship with Him. Prayer is a healthy path that changes us. Prayers are always answered, yet sometimes we don't like the answer.

 Jesus Teaches the disciples to pray Luke 11

The Disciples watch Jesus pray and when he finished they asked Him to teach them to pray as he had. It was apparent that they had seen a intimate relationship between Jesus and the Father. After we analyze the Lords Prayer as it so called.    A prayer guide was developed.
1. Preparation for Prayer; 2. Elements of Prayer; a. Adoration; Adoration of The Father,  Adoration of The Son, Adoration of The Spirit b. Confession
c. Thanksgiving; d. Supplication
3. Summary Examples 
What I can pray about?

Adoration (worship) - Rev. 5:8-14

God's person (who He is) - Isa. 6:3
God's Works (what He has done) - Ps. 103
Confession - 1 John 1:9

Personal sins (in deed, thought, or word) - Ps. 32:5
Family sins - Lev. 26:40
Church body sins - Dan. 9:3-19
National sins - Jonah 3:5-10
Thanksgiving - Ps. 50:23

For trials - James 1:2-4
For blessings - 1 Chron. 16:7-36
For everything - 1 Thess. 5:18
Supplication - Matt. 7:7-11

For my family - Matt. 6:11
For my local church - Col. 1:9-12
For the church worldwide - Eph. 6:18-19
For individual Christians - Acts 12:5
For individual non-Christians - Matt. 5:44
For my nation - 1 Tim. 2:1-2
For myself - James 1:5

  HAK Ministries 1/10/15 KAB [NKJV]
(Sermon Notes) Walking a Truthful life
Saturday, January 03, 2015
9:36 AM

Objective truth
There is one central element to Christ teachings through the mending ministry of John.  In the natural world  truth is usually determined by the way we think we should walk.  Sometimes we find our walk in two realms; the Christian and the world. This means generally we leave Christianity out of our street life and leave it in Church. Sometimes can find ourselves acting out and using language we wouldn't normally use around our family and Church. We generally do this to fit in with our peers however somewhere along that line our behavior gets distorted, the once truthful walk becomes gray (distorted) and then we start making allowances for our behavior. Without getting into too much philosophy behind it all.  This is called holding onto fundamental beliefs and behaviors.
It is by philosophical nature that man will continue shaping his life .
Fellowshipping with like mind persons can either distort a truthful walk by corrupting our relationship with Christ, or fellowshipping with  Christians  that keeps, maintains and constantly develops a healthy relationship with Christ.
John's second epistle warns the faithful believers against fellowshipping with those who do not abide in this truth, and the third epistle encourages the believers to receive and help those who work for it. Thus making us accountable to our fellow man.  ( 3 john 1:8 & Ecclesiastes 4:9-10) Work together and lift up your fellow man if they should stumble and fall but woe to him if he has fallen alone for he has another to help him up.

Walking  With Christ; To walk in the fear of the Lord
To fear the Lord is to hate evil: Pride and arrogant thinking is not good and to speak this way is counter productive  to a Christian walk.
Continue to walk in your faith
It is with great joy that you continue to walk in the truthfulness. To assure we continue to walk right. We must make small commitments:
2: Spend time in the bible
  1. Reading the Word keeps us in the correct frame of mind when we converse or speak with others.
3: Let no perversion of the heart.
  1.  Maintain a biblical life (2 Corinthians 10:5)
  2. Using unwholesome words and talk, watching and joining corruptible activities and other activities much like violence to include some TV, Music and Movies, you know what is wrong. (Romans 13:9 & 14)
4: Cultivate a godly relationship
  1. Proverbs speaks of Iron sharpening Iron much  an alike man standing  accountable to his fellow man.
  2. Being accountable to one another, so he or she will not walk alone, when they fall you will be their to help them up and they you.  (Proverbs 27:17 & Ecclesiastes 4:9-10)    
5: Develop a rewarding prayer life
  1. A prayer life has different elements such as levels of intimacy with God.
  2. Letting the Word speak to you while conversing with God through fellowship of the Spirit.
  3. Prayer is abiding in Christ meaning connecting with Him.
  4. It is an encounter that leads us intimately to God's heart

Concluding our walk today
Getting our soul into shape
By cultivating the correct view of God's heart our daily walk will show signs of growth, strength and durability. You will experience a vibrant daily walk with an assurance if you will, that you serve a resin savior. Become accountable to one you fellowship with, be the one who is there when they stumble or fall. Men you are accountable to your families as your wife is accountable to you. Rebuke her not when she helps you up from your fall.  Except that we are human we do make mistakes and we do fall short. We each are authors of our own sin, still we can and will find redemption in Christ.
Lastly  as Christians we walk with  divine power that was imparted through Cross and Christ death we were made alive, we lead by example; we should act like it!

Author: KAB, for HAK Ministries 01/03/2015       

Friday, December 26, 2014

Network Society VDI

Network Society

Network societies need a few elements to keep themselves secure. Threats today come from all directions. ID theft is on the rise and daily and causing all kinds of problems with credit card safety and your personal safety. It doesn’t take much to take over someone’s ID their bank account their life.
Network security is a big thing. We have been graced by a free internet that is practically worldwide. With restriction being in a few of those countries, and because of this security needs to be a main concern in business and in your personal computing life.

Pushing Virtual Desktop  

Many companies have developed a need for outsourcing, for security measures this means vulnerabilities and costly measures to protect their client; however this could be deemed costly. To reduce cost by keeping their environments optimized the end to end solution needs to be in place while keeping the virtual end-user’s mobility up and running.
VMware is designed to create a positive solution for companies that are using this environment to conduct business with their clients. VM ware can manage security, make it more reliable and reduce management cost. To give you an example of a virtual environment: VM or cloud computing is generally used by everyone that has a Smart Phone. Your data files such as music is kept in a cloud, thus reducing the need for storage on your Smart Phone. While teleworkers, and call centers use a secure connection between a privet server and mobile end-user.


Maintaining a reliable system should utilize measures that ensure data security by centralizing user data, along with their user resources and applications. Using Zero and Thin-Clients to optimize company infrastructures (giant room full of servers) mobility at the user’s fingertips while keeping everything secure from threats of malware and viruses.
The ultimate solution in a downturn economy could just be the Cloud based environments which can simplify IT management, improve security, reduce complexity, enhances flexibility while insuring customer assurance. A streamline infrastructure can optimize a return on the investment. The IT department runs smoother on less labor cost. The maintenance on building cost is reduced therefore management can focus on the customer by providing much needed quality while staying on a competitive platform.


An end-to-end cloud client-computing solution should include an optimized virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), by using tightly integrated data center hardware, management software, end points and services that work seamlessly with Citrix, Microsoft®, and VMware and virtualization software, which in turn will optimize while reducing operating cost, keep much needed security and provide flexibility for the user, and ultimately earning a return on the investment.