Thursday, March 22, 2012

Windows 8, Really?

             Yesterday I began to write about my short experience with Windows 8. Then my poor old XP machine I often use crashed. I was going on about the things I did and did not like about windows 8 and then it crashed. What a chore, to search and find the reboot disk I made so long ago. You would think even after I moved my office I would keep track of that kind of stuff. I did find out where it went someone barrowed it and never returned it. Oh well right? 

             I built a new machine in a Mid Tower with 6 fan holes, neon blue lights; the amenities really have no effect on me other than a customer might like that. The machine turned out to be a Quad Core AMD 3+, with 32 gigs of RAM on a Gigabyte 970-A-UD3 motherboard and a MSI DDR3 Video card and 7.1 HD surround sound. I contemplated what OS I should use; I went with the Win 8 and was happy the new machine took the OS. It seemed to run on the Vista or 7’s platform of drivers. (If I’m wrong I would like to know).
Turning the OS on was easy, the operation was a bit annoying to learn. Still keep in mind because the tablets that sport touch screens Windows 8 can be set up for the use with a finger or a pen. With keeping that in mind 8 might work out well for most persons.

            I continued to use this Bata version for close to a month before reverting back to a Win 7 Ult. OS. Why, you might ask? The lack of the ever so infamous start button is missing and things like the missing off button can have an annoying effect on a body.

            It’s a road trip of learning and the experience you may or may not want to hassle with, just yet. If you’re like me and love to stick with the things that we are comfortable with; like sticking with the things that we know work, well we find it hard to change don’t we? If you are wondering about my time machine, excuse me please, I’m referring to the XP. I will recover the data then I will finely update it to a Win 7 32 bit and put it into service in my internet cafĂ©, so it will still be around for a while.
            Good luck with Windows 8 if you decide to try it. Please let me know your experience with the new format of Windows. With a further thought split the OS and toggle between your favorite OS and Win 8 if you only have one machine.