Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Windows 8 again

Windows 8 again:

   You know last year I built a few new computers; one I placed the beta version of Win 8 on one of them. I used it for a few days and the first thing I discovered that it was an OS that would be best used in the mobile devices. By now most everyone knows this.

    After a week or two of playing around I then took the version 8 off the computer in fear that my customers wouldn't like it. I now wish I would have left it on so all this time since I could have used it as a personal machine to learn on, make better judgment calls for my customer base when they ask me.

    One friend and client has made a purchase last Black Friday, with two Window 8 devices, one an RT 8 tablet and the other a Desktop. His report to me is that he would never buy another RT 8 version; he claims it’s sluggish and clumsy. Bare this in mind this is only person and his opinion.
We talked more and he spoke happily about retiring his Windows X P laptop to its remainder days in service of the church, while J. loves using his Windows 8 for home and office use. Please keep in mind J. is young and not set in his ways yet, innovation for most young persons is welcome. As parents we see this in our children, no?

   For those of us that have grown up with Linux, Mac and Windows well some of us got stuck a little in the past. Don’t get me wrong I love new stuff, I love progression in technology. However I wasn't convinced with the 7 version until I migrated my first OS 7 E E.
   After working with Windows 7 over the next several months’ gradually replacing the 1000 + units of the company’s outdated X P Pro I realized how stubborn I was to change. I assumed it was a work over of Vista, I guess Win 7 version was a better upgrade after all than I assumed at first look.
     The scary thing is now with 8 is how soon it came out. After using the OS I admit it will be an answer to the Mac, Android and Google platforms that are on the market now. The window phone is an example of how Microsoft show fears in loosing profits to the current users of Android and Mac, while seeing the absolute need for the technology change to stay in the ball park.

    The phone is a step in the right direction for MS and I wonder why they didn't think of this before? Now will Android OS be available as a desktop OS?

   New computing systems for the everyday user are being developed all the time. Ease of use is priority one with developers. As we see all in one desktop computers becoming popular, with touchscreen ability why not have an Android OS on them, however Windows OS 8 is the answer for that need.

   As most of us have discovered that Mac still remains an entity base on a-like systems that can only sync with their own kind. Android’s with the aid of browsers and software, link and sync all your needs to Micro soft Windows. Again, ease of use is priority one!

   Now you see and may agree that Windows is smart for going in the direction they took. I believe it was a necessary step to take with the need to keep up with today’s needs.
   I still have mixed feelings in the direction I would take today when recommending one OS system over the other to my home users. Still I would recommend 7 E E or pro to business. It relates to the way that most of us are used to, it incorporates some new technology that’s easy to adapt to. K B