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Kenneth Brewer writer; creates lessons drawn for his experience both in Ministry and Technology. Starting at age 13 Ken found himself giving and working in the Church community developing his life lessons and skills in the youth ministry with in the Church of Christ in Hastings Nebraska and is currently associated with a Baptist Church in St. Joseph Missouri.

The technical prowess also started at an early age working on bikes for the kids in the area and small engines before the age of 9. At age 9 Kenny Company was started as somewhat jovial, yet still that concept has lasted through today developing into the KCS Transfer KC Towncar and Connect 123 an outsourcing agent, and start up and not yet a foundation and never the less an Outreach Ministry (Hug A Kid Network) to aid families in rudimentary education and living needs in the Philippines. 

The Christian journey began from an early age, Ken always excepted Christ as his one and only savior and was baptized at 12 which sparked a higher meaning in his life, bringing with it goals focused around his Christian walk. “Putting the value of others first was a concept I developed on my own, I guess it was an inspiration I learned from my early Christian surroundings; my upbringing”. In the early to mid-80’s Ken attended Nebraska Christian Collage feeling a call to the pulpit. That call dimmed when the Military took him other places, however never giving up he continued to share his faith. In the late -80’s took Ken to the technical training aspect of his live With South East in Lincoln and Milford Ne, American Intercontinental University and Colorado Technical University.

Today Ken is married to his wife Helen and both are co-founders where together they support the Hug a Kid Network in San Carlos Philippines. Together they have three children. In addition to being senior Director of Hug A Kid Network, Ken works in the Computer Technology field and writes Technical, and Faith Lessons shared on Face Book © and a blogger post.

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