Monday, August 17, 2015

Tech talk Win 10 DID YOU GET WINDOWS 10 up and running?

DID YOU GET WINDOWS 10 up and running?
I recommend it a little more now that I have had in in use for a week now. I installed it on all my shop computers my work computer and Win tablet. I still have a laptop and the Police Station's to convert along with City Hall's.
Why Windows 10? Much like set on the same Premises as windows 8.1; 10 is a collaboration tool that allows the user to sync the work done on one device and pick it up somewhere else on another device or desktop, including your phone. Android I phone or windows. Through a dropbox or onedrive even on Linux/Ubuntu. Where it will help in industry such as medicine and law enforcement is that each agent can collaborate on a report at the same time, editing and adding or taking away information on that report. The agent or trauma tech can make the report and within seconds the Hospital or station has it. SharePoint has changed for 2013 making it easier for team work on a report or any project.
The industry has a few new tools win Office 2013+ and Win 10 came out. The I and android OS's may have may have sparked a new generation of computing. Windows had no choice but to comply to these changes in how social collaboration was reinvented with the smart phone. Feeling slighted Windows had to perform a miracle to stay in the running that's when we got two 3 versions of 8 (RT, 8 and 8.1) it was designed to compete with Smart phone Tech.
The new startup menu can be changed with a shell program and it works very well to where you can switch from traditional 7 look to the 10 look and tablet mode turns into the win 8.1 hybrid menu with live tiles over the desktop view. Nice move Windows!
Having issues and trouble? Drop a line I will help!
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