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(Sermon notes) A Meaningful Prayer Life
Wednesday, November 26, 2014
9:57 PM
Greetings, I (John) have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.

Whether you are a believer or not, a prayer life changes things in a persons life. It is a personal evolution that over time  develops expectations along with an objective attitude in the daily walk. It develops a positive outlook. A personal craving  to embrace hope. In believers it develops intimacy with our God.
Objective Truths

 It is a strange and most personal world we face. By design we individualize how each of us see it. Some of this stems from beliefs passed down through parenting  and collaboration among peers and educators. We cling to the beliefs that the influences that are pass down to us as children are correct .

The truth
Our development continues each day we live.  We are humans we are ever changing we are ever evolving. We continue to be molded by such things as the environment and outside influences. Some of these influences spiral us into deep depression, with no hope to recover. Many find themselves at rock-bottom with no where to turn except upwards.

The for mentioned influences do not have to control us, we do not have to bend to every direction the wind blows. Man and mankind historically evolves. Evolve meaning ever changing (not dinosaur Evolution). So many advancements throughout history however we remain emotional beings, this is the one thing that has been a constant in human behavior. In other words we are people that rely on our emotions to guide us , and the scary part is that same emotional people that hold technological advancements that can set the world a fire with the slightest provocation.

The Response
How do we stop mankind from self destruction from being full of  hatred or even ill-civilized?
Effective wisdom tells us to develop good relationships, good mental health and respond to indifferences wisely. Contrary to feeding human emotions with hatred. As believers we find easy solutions to prevent self destruction.
Developing a relationship with God through prayer is a good choice its recommended by 10 out of 10 pastors. From the psychological view a believer or nonbeliever can benefit from meditation and prayer. It extends the subjects ability to cope. Prayer acts as a relief mechanism, by giving hope in the most undesirable circumstances. Form this point of view it is a positive in the next stage of human development.

Is having a positive and meaningful prayer life  good for the soul?      

Still something holds us back from developing that relationship with God through prayer.
  What holds us back?
  1. Theological doubts. Objections to whom we pray
  1. How do we pray? Doubts
  2. Distractions
  1. Passed down beliefs
  1. Depression/ memories

What brings us to prayer?
  1. Rock-bottom, desperation
  2. A need, want or desire
  1. Passed down beliefs
  1. Depression /doubts
  2. Painful times in our lives

There is not much different from either lists, however it is the perspective how each of us look at that list.  Now look at the lists again both lists are reasons why we should pray. If you didn't pick it out; human nature more times than not brings us to our knees over troubled times more often than any other time in our lives.  

You don’t have to hit rock-bottom or have a tragedy in your life  to start praying. It's not all about how God can do something for you only in times of need. God is there never taking a vacation, he never puts you on hold.

I want you to understand, the way prayer works . Praying to God is not only singing and worshiping which is directional. Gentiles are accused of being full of empty words. Meaning we shout praises without meaningful hearts however prayer does not have to be aimed in one direction. Prayer is not one -directional but bio-directional.
The truthful definition of prayer should not be limited to:
  1. Just praising God.
  1. Asking God for things.
Our prayer life should build a relationship with the Father through :
  1. Reflection (sometimes we come to God with a sin or burden)
  2. Introspection (self examination)
  1. Contemplation (how are you going to deal with a prayer subject/ maybe there is a way make a wrong a right. Buying a big item like a business or house)
  1. Meditation (reflecting back and sometimes just listening to the silence)
   5:    Remember when you are Developing a rewarding prayer life
  1. A prayer life has different elements such as levels of intimacy with God.
  1. Letting the Word speak to you while conversing with God through fellowship of the Spirit.
  1. Prayer is abiding in Christ meaning connecting with Him.
  1. It is an encounter that leads us intimately to God's heart

Prayer in Hebrew is "to know oneself"; the word is Tefillah.  Remember we don't pray to change God's mind, God knows our every need. Prayer is designed to communicate a relationship with Him. Prayer is a healthy path that changes us. Prayers are always answered, yet sometimes we don't like the answer.

 Jesus Teaches the disciples to pray Luke 11

The Disciples watch Jesus pray and when he finished they asked Him to teach them to pray as he had. It was apparent that they had seen a intimate relationship between Jesus and the Father. After we analyze the Lords Prayer as it so called.    A prayer guide was developed.
1. Preparation for Prayer; 2. Elements of Prayer; a. Adoration; Adoration of The Father,  Adoration of The Son, Adoration of The Spirit b. Confession
c. Thanksgiving; d. Supplication
3. Summary Examples 
What I can pray about?

Adoration (worship) - Rev. 5:8-14

God's person (who He is) - Isa. 6:3
God's Works (what He has done) - Ps. 103
Confession - 1 John 1:9

Personal sins (in deed, thought, or word) - Ps. 32:5
Family sins - Lev. 26:40
Church body sins - Dan. 9:3-19
National sins - Jonah 3:5-10
Thanksgiving - Ps. 50:23

For trials - James 1:2-4
For blessings - 1 Chron. 16:7-36
For everything - 1 Thess. 5:18
Supplication - Matt. 7:7-11

For my family - Matt. 6:11
For my local church - Col. 1:9-12
For the church worldwide - Eph. 6:18-19
For individual Christians - Acts 12:5
For individual non-Christians - Matt. 5:44
For my nation - 1 Tim. 2:1-2
For myself - James 1:5

  HAK Ministries 1/10/15 KAB [NKJV]

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