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(Sermon Notes) Walking a Truthful life
Saturday, January 03, 2015
9:36 AM

Objective truth
There is one central element to Christ teachings through the mending ministry of John.  In the natural world  truth is usually determined by the way we think we should walk.  Sometimes we find our walk in two realms; the Christian and the world. This means generally we leave Christianity out of our street life and leave it in Church. Sometimes can find ourselves acting out and using language we wouldn't normally use around our family and Church. We generally do this to fit in with our peers however somewhere along that line our behavior gets distorted, the once truthful walk becomes gray (distorted) and then we start making allowances for our behavior. Without getting into too much philosophy behind it all.  This is called holding onto fundamental beliefs and behaviors.
It is by philosophical nature that man will continue shaping his life .
Fellowshipping with like mind persons can either distort a truthful walk by corrupting our relationship with Christ, or fellowshipping with  Christians  that keeps, maintains and constantly develops a healthy relationship with Christ.
John's second epistle warns the faithful believers against fellowshipping with those who do not abide in this truth, and the third epistle encourages the believers to receive and help those who work for it. Thus making us accountable to our fellow man.  ( 3 john 1:8 & Ecclesiastes 4:9-10) Work together and lift up your fellow man if they should stumble and fall but woe to him if he has fallen alone for he has another to help him up.

Walking  With Christ; To walk in the fear of the Lord
To fear the Lord is to hate evil: Pride and arrogant thinking is not good and to speak this way is counter productive  to a Christian walk.
Continue to walk in your faith
It is with great joy that you continue to walk in the truthfulness. To assure we continue to walk right. We must make small commitments:
2: Spend time in the bible
  1. Reading the Word keeps us in the correct frame of mind when we converse or speak with others.
3: Let no perversion of the heart.
  1.  Maintain a biblical life (2 Corinthians 10:5)
  2. Using unwholesome words and talk, watching and joining corruptible activities and other activities much like violence to include some TV, Music and Movies, you know what is wrong. (Romans 13:9 & 14)
4: Cultivate a godly relationship
  1. Proverbs speaks of Iron sharpening Iron much  an alike man standing  accountable to his fellow man.
  2. Being accountable to one another, so he or she will not walk alone, when they fall you will be their to help them up and they you.  (Proverbs 27:17 & Ecclesiastes 4:9-10)    
5: Develop a rewarding prayer life
  1. A prayer life has different elements such as levels of intimacy with God.
  2. Letting the Word speak to you while conversing with God through fellowship of the Spirit.
  3. Prayer is abiding in Christ meaning connecting with Him.
  4. It is an encounter that leads us intimately to God's heart

Concluding our walk today
Getting our soul into shape
By cultivating the correct view of God's heart our daily walk will show signs of growth, strength and durability. You will experience a vibrant daily walk with an assurance if you will, that you serve a resin savior. Become accountable to one you fellowship with, be the one who is there when they stumble or fall. Men you are accountable to your families as your wife is accountable to you. Rebuke her not when she helps you up from your fall.  Except that we are human we do make mistakes and we do fall short. We each are authors of our own sin, still we can and will find redemption in Christ.
Lastly  as Christians we walk with  divine power that was imparted through Cross and Christ death we were made alive, we lead by example; we should act like it!

Author: KAB, for HAK Ministries 01/03/2015       

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