Sunday, March 20, 2011

The ever changing evolution

The ever changing evolution: Technology is allowing companies evolve and become innovated to test new ideas at speeds never heard of a few years ago. Innovation is the lifeblood of that growth, showing humans a new path towards perhaps a better life and life style. Man was asked if given seven things he could not live without and he came up with twenty. All answers included an innovation of technology that was created in the last decade. He forgot about food and clothing.
The changing time along with the innovation of technology man has been able to move forward at a pace never seen before. With this fast paced culture we have, introduced a line of products to many Nations that have been left far behind others.
With the changing tides of technology prices of advanced appliances for example have become less expensive.
The ability of computers can record the sale of an item at a department store, and within seconds reported to the Distribution Center to place that item on the next delivery. If I may Use Wal-Mart as an example; the UPC bar code is used in tracking sales from all of its stores. Limiting the Management of said store of some of that persons duties. This manager will find that PR and employee attention can be concentrated upon.            
Management, Or the leadership teams of all types of business will have to keep abreast of upcoming innovations, in order to survive in this poor economy where everyone is out to fight for the next bit of profit.
Look out side, the world changed overnight; we have replaced the family car with the space shuttle. If managers of companies don’t keep up they’ll be still riding horses to work.
The changes in technology will give new offerings to the marketing efforts and a better shot at success.

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