Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Outsourcing Its really a good thing, or is it?

The World Wide Web is a universal standard for the exchange of data, so information in different locations and formats can be routinely shared, processed, integrated, and reused by distinct organizations and individuals. The ultimate goal of the semantic web is to allow a user to gather and use information as it were a virtual database. On that note Companies are finding resources to help with their company needs, such as writing services, bookkeeping, collections, phone solicitations, and phone in help services for customer service. 

Call a manufacture to get help on a software or hardware based computer device. You might find your talking to the Philippines, India, and now Russia. By financially impoverished countries providing services at lower than 1/5th the US labor costs. Such as these, Industrialized advanced Nations businesses can save the labor bucks and sell their products at a lower price to the consuming public, keeping bigger profits in the directors pockets. However by eliminating customer service done in-house or kept  within the shorelines has left an unwilling desire for some to re-purchase a product from that and those companies that practice offshore resourcing.       

Implementation of services and applications are rapidly growing, and new applications and services are greatly improving the efficiencies of computer technology. To services areas such as Research and Development, Security systems, Graphic and Web development, along with many others. Companies must either have services in-house or look outside for help in the week areas for ongoing development.
Most companies will not have the unlimited resources and funds for all their needs, so the company will eventually look for capabilities outside the firm. Many of these capabilities are preformed by new firms created after laid-off worker sought for employment within America's shores. The drawback for hiring an American Resource, is still more expensive than hiring one at 1/5th the going current job rate.      

Is this a good thing or a bad thing? I believe that anyone can see the benefits that outsourcing can bring companies such as relief from the finical burden  of having full time labor for just a few projects.

The argument is if outsourcing is so well received within the business world, why then has it been not so well received within the ranks of the everyday skilled laborer or office personal who  lost his or her job?     

You decide! What are your thoughts? As always please keep it clean and professional when responding.

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