Thursday, January 19, 2012

Security and the Internet & Distributed System By Kenneth A Brewer © 11/23/2011

Drawbacks and disadvantages inherent with distributed computing are somewhat disturbing to the system owner/admin.
Drawbacks to what is seemingly perfect by having a distributed system doing all the work, transferring data around the globe and back again. What could go wrong?
Lots if the system is not secure. Security is the number one vulnerability in anything that you want to keep out of prying hands. If the data is streamed on a dedicated line or pipe the   transference of secure data across the state to the mainframe is vulnerable at many points along that pipe. Wi-Fi could be a dangerous entry point. Keeping the net-work closed with firewalls and passwords that change every month helps prevent loss.
New data and software installs designed primarily for a specific organization could place the system at a risk. It could evolve backdoors, key-loggers, virus, and spy-ware. So the administrators have to play a big part in the development of Organizational specific software.
Diagnostics, IT Admins, Managers, and Controllers, to aid in the defense of theft, maintenance, policy issues, IT personal and IT issues. Have to be in place. This all comes to a hefty cost to many organized establishments. Pending on the risk factors involved determines the amount of IT along with the amount of control is or will be needed to maintain the system.

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