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Distributed Architecture within a Distributed System By Kenneth A Brewer © 11/28/2011

Information is essential to the accomplishment of government structural objectives. It’s acknowledged that reliability, integrity, and availability are significant concerns. The use of networks, principally the Internet, is modernizing the way governments’ conducts business, commerce of trade, industry and is proven essential for its future.
 In the same manor factors that a system can be beneficial also pose detrimental threats when not properly controlled, and will be left to vulnerable attacks. The benefits of speed, reliability and, creative design have imposed unparalleled risks to government operations. Computer security has, in turn, become extremely important in all levels of government that operate information systems. The fraud factor along with, sabotage, and malicious intents, natural disasters and unintentional errors by official computer users can pose overwhelming concerns if information resources are not protected. Such exposure will pose significant risks to data systems, information, and to the critical operations of the infrastructures they support.
Security measures are necessary to avoid data tampering, deception, interferences in critical operations. The unknowing threats of the inappropriate disclosure of sensitive information from an innocent conversation between friends also add to the risk factor. The effective use of computer security becomes indispensable when reducing the risk of malicious attacks.
Policy is put into place to help safe guard form inside and outside threats. Government Accounting Office (GAO) or the Operation and Investigations (O&I teams) will evaluate and audit security policy’s, offer recommendations for the reduction of risk factors to an acceptable level. Provided in memorandums and handbooks The GAO has issued guidelines governing the policy’s used in Data Distribution Systems within the government.
My notes: If serious about Distributed IT Designs; there are a wealth of Government guidelines for the security and the development of sophisticated systems both at the Library and online. K.B.
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