Friday, July 22, 2011

Gigabit Routers

I posted last month about an interesting discovery. I installed a 10g system in a bank setting with the thoughts of quicker response and data flow.
 To update the title of my 10 g system I installed in my home. I have to retract the 10g it was an error in my typing skills. It is not 10g it is a 1g system I installed in my home.
I also failed to mention that if your internet provider does not offer the gigabit bandwidth in your area. You might find that they will update there equipment from time to time. Here in my area Sudden Link made a Data and Equipment Merger. Such a mess it caused switching over from outdated slow equipment in both there cable vision and the internet adding more reliable means for the customer to add bundles to their service. Offering automatic upgrade in internet bandwidth like 8 Megs/s to 10Meg/s at no extra charge. This will deliver a more reliable steady stream of information sent to and from your home entertainment and computer devices. With that in mind an investment at the distribution point in our City has to be costly. So the down side is the constant degrading of old wire fed neighborhoods will have to wait for the fiber-optics upgrade that brings us more reliable higher speeds, like the 1 and 10 G service that makes our mouths water. Gamer's you'll still have to wait.
Last weekends switch over left a few disgruntled customers including myself. No internet left me powerless to get any work done. The techs could not get my M T A router to preform as it should. It was getting the information sent yet failed to distribute it past the Ethernet port on the rear of the router. A replacement Router remedied the fault. Now that I have a faster service running over old coax wire along with the more than a capable LAN I installed in my home office and home is working out nicely now. I have a whopping 10Megs feeding my home network. It is not much I know, when you look at my network in comparison to what I can be using. Our area will not support at this time anything over 50 Megs of bandwidth.
I am not an avid Gamer so my needs are not demanding like the Gamer.
I can however stream two movies and run the computer at the same time without or minimum slow downs and stops when streaming now. Yes I tested it, out of concern.
As time moves forward I believe that the new cable company will change and upgrade the old 5 coax cable to a 6. If they use the good stuff like all copper or copper core and aluminum braid. I did see some copper clad stuff, that wont fly for long before they start having trouble with unprotected weather boots over the ends of the cable termination or union.

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