Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Home owners and the new 10 G Routers

Buy a new router lately? Which one?

Linksys has an E2500 and E3200 High performance Duel-Band wireless-N router which claims to avoid network interference and a 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet ports. WOW! Is it time to get your today? Don’t you have a router that works just like you like, so why the upgrade?
Technology is advancing every day, this is true. Then persons ask when I buy a computer off the shelf then as soon as I get it home it is outdated. This is also true! Let’s look at it from this point. Yes the tech gadget you buy today is outdated from some standpoints yet you will also notice that advancements are still being made some things remain the same. The Cell phone craze is one that moved quickly. Every time we turned on the T V we are bombarded with Cell phone ads, something new every week.
When it came to buying a router every time a new one came out I bet you kept the one you had. Same holds with me I have had the same router since 2000. Its 11 years old and still works the 302.11n hadn’t come around back then and only works off 802.11g and 802.11b which is fine for most small offices and home owners.
The new kid on the street has and extra punch you might want to consider. I destroyed my Dish, disconnected my Cablevision and cut the phone wires. I’m tired of the rising cost of all the extra utilities. I have a cell phone, and an internet service through the Cable Company. My little old router gets a workout on an hourly base.
Now let me explain why I want a new router, and see if you are like me.  I watch TV Shows on my computer and my Blu-ray player that’s hooked to my 52inch flat screen TV. What? Smart TV’s not to unlike the smart Phones we carry has an App-ready enablement on the TV, as well as most Blu-ray players, DMS devices. Available mediums are Netflix, Blockbuster, Hulu+, Pandora, Vudu and Amazon just to name a few choices. I can sit down and enjoy my retro shows like the Munsters  and Bewitched, the latest movies and the classics. This in turn gives a new meaning to the couch potato, more like mushed potato.
What turned me on to going this way was I travel all the time. I would miss out on my TV during the week. Yes If I had a DVR or TIVO it would be ok, and I did. The Dish was alright. However it was on 24-7 eating away at my billfold when I wasn’t there to enjoy it. I turn them all off and have one internet bill. I work at home now and still love it.
Getting back to why I upgraded. It was a simple choice for me because I wanted my streaming shows to end my torcher. Because of my large Local Area Network (LAN) within my home I had bandwidth loss. The shows would stop and start and or the voices would be out of sync with the video. Up grading was the next thing to do and well worth the money I put into it. I did it piece by piece until I switched it all over to 10 G networks.  CAT 6 at $50 was first, replacing the CAT5 and then the switch was around $40 then the router E2500 at $80 or the E3200 at $140ish

The steps I took

The router I chose was a 10G router and my Ethernet will be changed to CAT6 to handle the traffic on my network. From my Gateway I plug in the new Router an E3200 from Linksys, My phone line into the VOIP connection. Next I run one CAT 5e jumper to a Gigabit switch. From the router three CAT5e is routed to my workstations in my office. That takes care of all the ports on the router, 4 in all. From the switch I have to make a run to the front of the house and to bedrooms for the kids. Because of the switch I have 4 new ports to choose from. For the long runs I use CAT 6 STP. In each room I placed Ethernet jacks so wiring was made easy and neat.  All together my cost was about 250 dollars, and an hour or so of time and did it myself.


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